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Celebrate Cat Week With a DIY Toy! Celebrate Cat Week With a DIY Toy!

Did you know that this week (October 20 through 26) is officially Cat Week here at PETA Kids? That's right! It's a kitty invasion, and we are bringing you everything furry, frisky, and feline all week long.

Don't miss a whisker or a tail swis—ask an adult to "like" PETA Kids on Facebook so that you can see funny cat photos, learn fun facts about cats, and more all week. Have your parents post a photo of your furry feline friend on our webpage, or e-mail it to to have us post it.

Get your Cat Week started by making a do-it-yourself cat toy. It's easy, and cats love it!

Cat Toy
Lisa Brank | CC 2.0

DIY Cat Toy

Baby socks (newborn socks work best)
Polyester stuffing
Dried catnip
Small jingle bells (available at most craft or fabric stores)
An adult or older brother or sister to help

  • Stuff a baby sock halfway with polyester stuffing and catnip.
  • Place a bell in the sock.
  • Stuff the rest of the sock with polyester stuffing and catnip.
  • Have an adult or sibling cut the Velcro to about the size of the sock opening.
  • Attach the Velcro to the inside of the top of the sock and Velcro it shut.
  • Give to your cats and watch them roll around like crazy and play with their new present.


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