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Cody Simpson: Make Your Animal Companion's Life Paradise!
Cody Simpson: Make Your Animal Companion's Life Paradise!

Cody Simpson - Click to Enlarge"Make Your Animals' Life Paradise. Give Them Lots of Love and Attention." says Cody Simpson in his adorable new ad for PETA Kids! Check out the ad and our exclusive interview with Cody to learn why he's sticking up for animals and why you should, too.

Animal companions are family members, and that's exactly how Cody views his dog, Buddy. It's important to understand all the responsibilities that come with caring for companion animals before welcoming one into your home—including feeding them, making sure that they get enough exercise, paying for vet bills, and so much more!

This can be use for playing a single video on PV2.

We're moving into the summer months, and that means that it's getting nice and warm outside! Dogs are the coolest, so keep them cool when it's hot outside and never leave them in the car. On a nice 70-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can skyrocket to over 120 degrees in just minutes. Keep your canine companion safe and happy this summer—and if you see a dog in a car, speak up and get help.

Take Cody's advice and try your best to make your animal companion's life paradise!


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