All About Animals Used for Clothing



Are you still wearing dead animals on your feet? Got a strip of skin holdin’ up your pants? Toting your necessities around in a bag that’s actually made from someone? Or maybe you’re still tossing around the ol’ pigskin or kicking around the ball o’ flesh?

Well, stop it already!

Cows are wonderful, friendly animals. They don’t want to be turned into shoes, bags, clothes, or sports equipment, and neither do the other animals who are killed for their skin.

Did you know that each year, millions of cows, pigs, sheep, and goats suffer terribly on factory farms before they’re killed for their skin? It’s true! And some leather products that come from Asian countries are actually made from dogs and cats, so you just never know whose skin you could be wearing.

Animals on factory farms live in crowded, filthy conditions and suffer through painful procedures like branding, dehorning, and having their tails cut off—all without painkillers. After being crammed into trucks and carted off to the slaughterhouse, many are still fully conscious when they’re hung upside down and their throats are slit.

Black and White Cow Outside in Field
Panicked? Don’t be. Shopping for synthetic materials is much easier than it used to be! Synthetic shoes and gear are usually cheaper than leather products and can pretty much be found everywhere.