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Rats and Mice

Rats and Mice

Mice and rats are social animals and love to spend time with one another. They become emotionally attached to each other, and rescued mice and rats love curling up in the laps of their human companions.

Cute White Rat

These clever cuties can tell when their animal or human friends are upset, and they do what they can to make them feel better. They will even put themselves in harm’s way to protect the ones they care about. Aww! Mice and rats can feel pain, fear, love, and happiness, just as you can. They even have their own language and are super-adorable!

Rat Against Red Background

Unfortunately, more than 100 million rats and mice lose their lives in U.S. labs every year. They feel pain and suffering, just as dogs, cats, bunnies, and other animals do, but they are not protected by laws. This means that experimenters in labs don’t have to provide these intelligent, feeling animals with any pain relief during cruel tests.

Mice and rats are put through painful tests. They are burned, poisoned, given diseases, and forced to endure much more.

What’s even worse is that rats and mice go through this horror for nothing. Mice and rats are not humans, and their bodies do not react to tests in the same way that human bodies do. Testing on animals is bad science, especially when computer programs, models, and other non-animal testing methods are available.

Cute Rat With White Face

Rats and mice, like frogs, are also stolen from the wild or bred in warehouses for classroom dissection.

You can help our furry little friends by refusing to buy products that have been tested on animals and by saying NO to classroom dissection! Also be sure to check out A Rat’s Life for more ways you can help!

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