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Like the cats and dogs you share your home with, fish have their own unique personalities. Just as we use our hands, fish use their mouths to gather food and build nests. They talk to each other with squeaks and squeals, and some have even learned how to garden, growing only the plants they like to eat best.

There are loads of interesting facts about fish, but the most important one is this: Fish are friends, not food!

Imagine that you’re out for a fun swim with your friends, and all of a sudden you’re caught up in a net and dragged through the water, terrified. This is what it’s like for fish who are caught in nets used by the commercial fishing industry. The nets not only capture fish but also turtles, dolphins, and any other sea animals. This industry causes these animals to suffer and also hurts the fragile oceans.

Dead Fish in Front of Net

Think fishing in your local lake is any better? Think again! Fish have sensitive mouths and are able to feel pain and suffer, just like us. When fish are caught with a hook, they struggle to get away, often tearing their mouths even more as the frightened animals try to escape.

Can you imagine how awful drowning would feel? That’s exactly how fish feel when they’re taken out of water—they suffocate on land just as you would drown underwater, and it’s a very scary (and deadly) experience for them.

Anyone who takes a minute to learn about fish will see that they’re intelligent, interesting animals who have a right to live free, just as we do.

Check out the comic book A Fish’s Life online to discover more neat facts about fish, and make the kind choice to leave them—and all animals—off your plate!

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