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Everyone knows that parrots are colorful, beautiful, and intelligent, but what about pigeons, ducks, and other birds?

Bird Close Up

All birds are intelligent animals, but a lot of people don’t respect them. Some kids who don’t know any better might chase pigeons, ducks, or geese at the park. How would you like it if someone started chasing you for no reason?

Did you know that many birds, such as pigeons, have excellent memories? Geese and pigeons are devoted to their family, mate for life, and can even recognize their own reflection! Pigeons are so good at navigating that they used to transport messages between people before e-mail came along.

Duck in Water

Geese use as many as 13 different calls, such as honking, to give warnings, say hello, and express emotions such as happiness. Ducks are great communicators, too, and scientists have found that they have regional accents, just like humans do!


Want to help birds? Tell everyone you know how awesome and intelligent birds are and make sure that your friends don’t disturb birds by chasing them. If you see a nest, don’t touch it! If you see an injured or orphaned bird, ask an adult to call the nearest wildlife rehabilitator.

Pledge to be a friend to birds!

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