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Don't Be a Chicken Chump
Chicken Chumps

Chickens Are Friends, Not Food!

A bucket of chicken wings translates into a BIG body count. Think about it-every bird has only two wings (if only all math problems were this easy). Now think about how many wings are in just one bucket-and how many buckets are being dished up in fast-food places all over the country. Yuck!

Chickens should be friends, not food! Chickens are friendly, curious little birds who value their lives just as much as you value yours. Did you know that chicken moms talk to their chicks even while they're still in the shell? When the chicks are born, their mom watches over them carefully, takes them under her wing to keep them safe, and teaches them all about life.

But chickens on factory farms never get to be loved by their moms. These birds' lives are awful and scary even before they are killed and cut up for food.

Chickens raised for food are taken away from their families and stuffed into sheds with tens of thousands of other birds. (Think of how scared you'd be if you were locked inside a crowded room with thousands of people you didn't know!) The birds aren't allowed any fresh air or sunshine, and they can barely move (each chicken has to live in a space smaller than one sheet of notebook paper).

Once they're fattened up, the birds are thrown into tiny crates and trucked to the slaughterhouse. Some chickens fall off the trucks and are left to die alongside the road. The frightened birds who make it to the slaughterhouse are killed when they are just 6 or 7 weeks old-still babies!

Don’t Be a Chicken Chump!
Eating chicken parts can make you fat and sick! Take a look at our new “Chicken Chump” trading cards and you’ll see what we mean. Most chickens in stores have germs on them—which are often nothing but chicken poop. Gross! These poop-covered chicken pieces are disgusting, and they can make you hurl. And if you’re eating buckets of greasy, fatty drumsticks and nuggets, don’t be surprised if your belly gets so big that you can barely zip your pants! To order your own set of “Chicken Chump” cards, complete the form here, and don’t forget to order extras to hand out to friends.
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