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Be Your Dog or Cat’s Best Friend!

So, how well are you treating your best friend? You know, the one who’s faithfully waiting for you at the door when you get home, the one who curls up at your feet and thinks that you’re the most perfect person on the planet no matter what Mom and Dad might be thinking at the time.Ferret

When you choose to share your home with a dog, cat, or other animal, you’re making a life-long commitment. They rely on you to take good care of them and keep them safe from harm. They need fresh food and water, proper veterinary care (and that includes being spayed or neutered), and lots of TLC from you and the fam! Plus, our canine friends need lots of walks, and our cats need clean kitty boxes.

Remember, dogs, cats, and other companion animals want to be inside with you and your family, not stuck outside in a cage or pen or tied to the end of a chain. And they should never be allowed to roam around freely—the outside world is no place for our furry friends because not everyone is kind to them. They’d much rather be inside with you anyway—after all, you are the center of their universe!

Cat and DogHere’s something that I’ll bet you didn’t know about dogs: They can’t sweat! Instead, they pant to cool themselves off. And did you know that dogs can get sunburned? Yep, it’s true. So when it’s hot, be sure that your dog has lots of fresh water to drink and isn’t out in the sun for too long because not only can dogs get sunburned, they can also suffer from heat strokes. Remember, they’re wearing fur coats in the summertime! And never ever leave your dog in the car when it’s even the least bit warm outside (again, think fur coat) because the heat inside a parked car can cause a dog to suffer brain damage and die in less then 10 minutes, even with the windows down! When the temperature is soaring, it’s best to leave your canine pal at home. 

Always look out for our animal friends, and never turn your back on lost, stray, or injured animals! If you find an animal, quickly ask Mom and Dad for help, and call your local animal control office right away so that they can come and get the animal off the street.

For more info on how to keep your best pals happy and healthy, click here.


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