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Compassionate Classmates Receive PETA Kids Award
Compassionate Classmates Receive PETA Kids Award

When 11-year-old Zarah Blake and her sixth-grade classmates Eugenio Solorzano Fernandez and Beto Del Lago Hernandez found out that thousands of innocent baby harp seals are killed every year in Canada, they knew right away that seals in Canada needed their help!

Zarah, Eugenio, and Beto started their own animal rights group, Stop Animal Hunting and Testing (SAHAT), at Greengates School in Mexico City. For a school project, they set up a table where they spoke to friends, classmates, and teachers about what happens to seals in Canada every year. They told everyone how some of the seals are so young that they haven't even eaten their first solid meal or taken a swim with their friends before they're killed for their fur.

But that's not all! SAHAT also gathered more than 450 petition signatures and sent them to Canada's ambassador to Mexico, Sara Hradecky, along with a letter asking her to help stop Canada from killing baby seals.

SAHAT has proved that anyone, no matter how young (or old!), can use his or her voice to speak up for animals. Because of its passion and commitment to speaking up for countless baby seals, the group has won a Star Student Group Award from PETA Kids!

Check out these pics of SAHAT, and be sure always to use your voice to speak up for animals. E-mail us at if you need help getting started!



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