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October is 'Cut Out Dissection' Month

Are your teachers living in the Dark Ages, trying to force you to participate in dissection? Well, guess what? You have the right to ask for an alternative project that doesn’t involve dead animals. In case you haven’t heard, several states and large school districts have formal student choice laws or policies that guarantee students the right to an alternative without being penalized. Even if you don’t live in one of those states or attend one of those schools, you still can’t be forced to dissect, so don’t just sit there dreading it—speak up!

Cut Out Dissection StickerAs soon as the word “dissection” is mentioned in class, talk to your teacher and find out if alternatives are offered. If not, take charge and get a formal, written “choice” policy implemented at your school—heck, why not try to get dissection banned permanently while you’re at it? It’s easier than you think! Get the facts and learn how to make it happen. And get yourself some free stickers, too, and share ’em with your friends. Just e-mail us at with your name and address, and be sure to put “‘Cut Out Dissection’ Month” in the subject line. Then keep us updated on your progress, and let us know when that policy is in place!

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