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Cut Out Dissection
Cut Out Dissection

More and more students from elementary schools to veterinary and medical schools are taking a stand against dissection before it happens in their classes. Every year, millions of animals—frogs, cats, mice, dogs, and others—are killed and shipped off to schools, where young people are given scalpels and told to slice up the animals' bodies as part of biology, anatomy, and other courses. YUCK!

It's disgusting, and it's wrong. But fighting against it is easy—and you have the right. Thousands of students have done it, and so can you. You might be the first person at your school to refuse—so do it! Express yourself and be a trendsetter, a trailblazer, and a hero for animals.

Let's Get Started!

Ready to cut out dissection at your school? We thought so! Follow our easy steps to getting a dissection-choice policy at your school!

Mission: Get a Dissection-Choice Policy!
How to Respond if People Say...
You're just being squeamish.

Feeling that dissection is wrong has nothing to do with being afraid or squeamish. It is about not wanting to harm an animal.

If we make an exception for you, other students will claim that they have the right to be excluded from all sorts of requirements.

All students have a right not to be forced to violate their beliefs just so that they can get a good grade. If the requirements go against many of the students' beliefs, then they should be changed.

Students can't decide whether or not dissection is a necessary part of the curriculum.

Students can decide what they believe to be right and wrong. If they believe that dissection is wrong, then they have the right to speak up.

Dissection wouldn't be taught if it weren't an important part of the curriculum.

Countless students are educated every year at top schools without dissecting animals. There are alternatives so that everyone can learn without having to dissect.

There is no substitute for hands-on experience.

Actually, there are many substitutes for hands-on experience. Detailed models of animal anatomy and computer simulations both provide hands-on experience.

There are no suitable alternatives.

(Most instructors who use this argument haven't considered any particular alternatives, so present them with the below list and ask which of these alternatives they have looked at and why they rejected them.)

The student's claim not to believe in hurting animals isn't consistent. He or she eats meat, wears leather, consumes dairy products, etc.

If a student believes that it is immoral to wear fur or dissect animals but OK to wear leather shoes, no one can dictate a different set of moral values to him or her. We all have the right to draw the line where our heart tells us to.

The school doesn't have enough money in its budget to purchase alternatives.

Many groups make alternatives available on loan to students who need them. And alternatives to dissection cost less over time. Many students can make use of one computer program, for instance, but dissection requires that multiple animals be purchased time after time.

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