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Give Cows a Break—Dump Dairy Products!
Give Cows a Break—Dump Dairy Products!

Give Cows a Break—Dump Dairy Products!

June is National Dairy Month—blech! Dairy products are full of fat, pesticides, and pus … yes, that’s right―pus! And who wants pus in their food?! Not us, that’s for sure. Dairy cows are given growth hormones to increase milk production, but they’re not built to produce that much milk, so they get painful infections—that’s where the pus comes from.

So give cows a break and dump dairy products today. Besides, cows make milk for their babies, not for you! Instead of taking milk from cows for cool summer treats, try a Tofutti Cutie or a heaping scoop of Soy Delicious Chocolate Obsession “ice cream.” Yum! And while you’re at it, replace your regular milk with White Wave’s Silk Soymilk—Very Vanilla is our personal fave. Silk even makes yogurt, flavored creamer for Mom’s and Dad’s coffee, and smoothies too! And you’ll be able to find Silk in pretty much every grocery store, Wal-Mart Supercenter, and Super K-Mart around.

Love cheese and don’t think that you can give it up? Sure you can! Because Tofutti even makes soy cream cheese, cheese slices, and sour cream. No more pus for you! 

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