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WNBA Star Candace Parker Slams Fur
WNBA Star Candace Parker Slams Fur

Candace Parker Ad
Candace Parker and Fendi for PETA Kids

WNBA star and Los Angeles Sparks forward Candace Parker scores major points for animals by posing with her rescue dog Fendi in an ad for PETA Kids, telling fans, "If You Wouldn't Wear Your Dog, Please Don't Wear Any Fur." The only difference between our best friends and animals who are used for their fur is how we treat them.

Candace wanted to take part in PETA Kids' anti-fur campaign because, she says, "I really feel like it's very cruel what they do to animals, and I love my dog and couldn't imagine anybody harming her."

PETA Kids is proud to have this MVP and Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award winner join our roster of celebs who are taking a stand against cruelty to animals.

Animals killed for their fur endure tremendous pain and suffering. Foxes, minks, rabbits—even dogs and cats—are beaten, stomped, electrocuted, and often skinned alive. Watch as Candace talks about the cruelty that animals experience on fur farms and what you can do to help animals who might otherwise be killed for their fur. Keep an eye out for Candace's dog Fendi. Super cute!

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All animals feel pain and suffering. So please follow Candace's lead and refuse to buy or wear fur or fur trim.