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Good Charlotte-Exclusive Pix, Their Fave Vegan Food, and More!
Good Charlotte-Exclusive Pix, Their Fave Vegan Food, and More!
Good Charlotte are hot rockers with big hearts who aren’t afraid to speak out about issues that are near and dear to them. In fact, on their recent tour, they took time out to help spread the word about KFC’s cruel treatment of chickens. They joined PETA pals So. Cal. punk rockers Goldfinger and dozens of activists in demonstrations at KFCs in several cities across the country. Check out these exclusive photos of Billy with Brian Arthur and John Feldmann from Goldfinger educating the public about KFC’s horrible treatment of these gentle birds.
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Why should you stay clear of KFC? Click here and get the facts.

While on the road, the guys had no trouble finding great vegan grub. We have it on good authority that they chowed down on all their favorites, like Tofutti frozen pizzas, Boca Burgers, Starbucks’ Soy Lattes, Gardenburger Riblets, waffles, waffles, and—that’s right, you guessed it—more waffles, their fave breakfast feast.

Even before Good Charlotte had taken the world by storm, they were giving shout-outs for the animals. During the 2002 Warped Tour, Billy took time out to talk to PETA. He told us why he’s vegetarian and why he speaks up for animals— check out his interview here.

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