It’s no secret that Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden has a soft spot for animals—you’d have to be living under a rock not to know that. Benji and his bandmates never pass up the chance to help animals by doing things like taking part in KFC demos all along their recent tour route, donating an exclusive track for PETA2’s Liberation CD, and inviting PETA along on the Honda Civic Tour to show videos and pass out stickers to all their loyal fans—in fact, you probably saw us there!

And caring about animals runs in Benji’s family. He and his brothers, Joel—who we all know and love—and Josh—who we don’t all know but we love anyway, donated some rad gear from their cruelty-free MADE clothing line for our “Welcome to the Family” contest. From hoodies and T’s to pants, hats, underwear, flip-flops, and sneakers, they’ve got every angle covered. And we’ve got it on good authority that MADE clothing will always be a cruelty-free company, which means no animal fabrics, including leather. Thanks, Benji, for the headsup on that! So while they may be living the lifestyle of the rich and famous now themselves (we’re sure they’re not complaining, though), they’re careful not to make money off the suffering of others.

Here at, we just can’t get enough of these pop punk darlings—we’re all rushing out to buy their new CD, The Chronicles of Life and Death!—and we know you feel the same way, so check out this exclusive interview with none other than Benji Madden himself. This talented vegetarian heartthrob has a lot to say about how animals should and shouldn’t be treated. Please share this info with all your friends—e-mail them links or post it on your blog!