A Kid’s Guide to Going Vegan

So, you want to go vegan to help animals and save the planet? That’s awesome! By going vegan, you’ll be saving more than 100 animals every year.

Going vegan means that you don’t eat or drink anything made from animals, like meat, fish, cheese, milk, eggs, and even honey. All of these foods and drinks hurt animals—but don’t worry, there are meat- and dairy-free versions of all your favorite foods that you can eat instead!

Here are our top tips to help you go vegan.

1. Help mom and dad make vegan versions of your favorite meals. Just hold the meat and cheese, please!

Kids Cooking Vegetables© | vitapix

2. Try some yummy vegan meats and dairy alternatives. Check out our vegan shopping guide before your parent’s next trip to the store.

3. Load up on fruits and veggies. They’re naturally vegan and delicious!

Girl Laying On Apples©

4. Stash a few microwaveable meals and easy-to-make foods. Our list of “accidentally vegan” food will help you find what’s vegan.

5. Choose vegan options in the lunchroom. If you’re not sure what to eat, just ask the lunch staff or pack your own cruelty-free lunch.

Kids in Lunchroom Illustration© | lenm

6. Tell your friends. You’ll want to let them know you don’t eat animals before attending a sleepover, party, or going out to eat with their family.