Vegan Cheese, Please!

One of the more common responses you get when you tell people that you’re vegan is probably, “But what about cheese?!” What some people don’t realize, though, is that vegans do eat cheese—just not cheese made with milk that has been stolen from cows (or any other animal!).

Cows and other animals who are used for dairy foods suffer a lot. For example, many cows in the dairy industry are “dehorned” by having their sensitive horns burned off without any painkillers.

So instead, we eat cruelty-free cheese made from plant-based foods like soy and nuts. To make it super-simple for you, we’ve listed our very fave dairy-free cheeses below:

Vegan-Cheese-Guide-Featured-Image 2

1. Chao Slices From Field Roast


You can add these little slices of heaven to sandwiches or simply eat them plain—we do it all the time.

2. Tofutti and Daiya Cream Cheese


That’s right—you can still enjoy a yummy bagel and cream cheese but without supporting the cruel dairy industry.

3. Daiya Shredded Cheese


The options are endless with this vegan cheesy goodness. Ask your parents to add Daiya shreds to nachos, macaroni, or pretty much any other kind of food, and you’ll never be disappointed.

4. GO Veggie! and Daiya Slices

Grilled-Cheese Vegan Daiya Slices

Our mouths are watering just looking at that dairy-free cheesiness.

5. Daiya Wedges

Daiya-Vegan-Cheese-WedgesDaiya Foods

Vegan cheese comes in all shapes and sizes.

6. Nacheez Dairy-Free Nacho Sauce


This is not a joke. Vegan nacho cheese sauce actually does exist.

7. GO Veggie! Parmesan


This is tasty Parmesan cheese that no one had to suffer for.

8. Punk Rawk Labs and Kite Hill Spreads


These cheesy spreads are the perfect snack to have on crackers when your friends come over after school.

9. Earth Balance and Daiya Mac and Cheese


Did you really think we would give you a vegan cheese guide without mac and cheese???