The Official Thanksgiving Survival Guide for Vegan Kids

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays ever. We get to spend time with our loved ones and eat a whole bunch of yummy foods. What could be better?

We know Thanksgiving can seem tricky if you’re the only person in your family who doesn’t eat animals—but it doesn’t have to be! The holiday just got easier with our official Vegan Thanksgiving Checklist!


It comes with yummy recipes, tips for switching out common animal ingredients with vegan ones, and even a question-and-answer section to help you explain to your family why you don’t eat turkeys, pigs, or any other animals.

Ready to have the most delish and cruelty-free Thanksgiving ever? Follow these steps:

1. Download and print out your checklist below.

2. Pass it on over to Mom and Dad before Thanksgiving. Know other people who are interested in eating cruelty-free holiday foods? Share it with them, too!

Let’s give animals something to be thankful for this holiday by not eating them!