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Pigs Are Friends Not Food
Pig Friend

Pigs Are Friends, Not Food!

Pigs are sensitive, intelligent animals who form strong bonds with other pigs. They are smarter than dogs and smarter than 3-year-old children—yes, that’s right, smarter than your little brother. It’s true! They are affectionate and playful and even like to play video games.

But pigs on today’s factory farms don’t get to have any fun at all. Most spend their whole lives standing on hard concrete floors, unable to breathe fresh air, frolic, forage, or do anything that comes naturally to them. You can’t stand being stuck inside on a sunny summer afternoon, so imagine how awful it would feel to be stuck inside all the time!

Female pigs are loving, protective mothers who, if given the chance, make comfy nests for their offspring, but pigs used for breeding are kept in concrete stalls that are so small that they can’t even lie down comfortably or turn around to nuzzle their piglets. Bored and lonely, these sensitive, social animals go crazy from confinement. Pigs on factory farms endure a lifetime of pain before they’re turned into chops, bacon, sausage, or spare ribs. They spend their entire lives confined to cramped stalls, and as babies, many have their tails cut off, their teeth sawed, and their ears clipped—all without any painkillers.

Piglets are the cutest! When they run, play with each other, and squeal, they’re just too adorable for words, right? When raised for food, these same adorable piglets have their tails cut off, their teeth sawed off, and their ears clipped without any painkillers. Pigs are still just babies, only about 5 months old, when they are crammed into a truck with countless other pigs and driven through all kinds of weather extremes to the slaughterhouse. Not much of a life for these cute, smart little guys, huh?

The best thing that you can do for pigs is to stop eating them … so stop it already! It’s really easy to stop eating them because there are tons of amazing fake meats to choose from—you won’t even be able to tell the difference! When hunger strikes, reach for tasty Tofu Pups, Not Dogs, Gardenburger’s Riblets, Fakin’ Bacon, Foney Baloney, Gardenburger’s Meatless Sweet and Sour Pork, or Yves deli slices, not your pig friends!

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