Truth or Dare: Alex Greenwald's Winning Bet for Animals

Did you know that Phantom Planet's Alex Greenwald went vegan on a bet? Alex told us the story—and explained why he thinks wannabe vegans should do it on a dare.

Grrr!: When did you go vegetarian?

Alex: In college I stopped eating red meat on a bet with my girlfriend at the time. She bet she could stop smoking, and I bet that I could stop eating red meat. She started smoking again, so I won, which I'm always proud of.…I had been a vegetarian as a child for whatever reason. I guess kids sometimes follow their instincts/…My friend dared me to go vegan as I was reading this book Fast Food Nation, which opened my eyes to a lot of cruelties.…Ever since then, I've been vegan and enjoyed it daily.

Grrr!: Any advice for kids who are thinking of going veg but need a little encouragement?

Alex: If it takes someone to dare you, then be dared because sometimes that can help. If anything, just try it…say, “I'm going to try being vegetarian, I'm going to try being vegan, for a week.” If it makes you feel good or if it doesn't make you feel anything, try it for another week and see what happens. Jump on in, the water's fine. Support animal rights and do what you can to do your part.

Bite Back

  • The next time you're playing Truth or Dare, instead of daring your best friend to prank-call a crush, think of Alex and dare that friend to do something smart…like quit eating animals.
  • Get more information and check out Alex's “Chicks Love a Vegetarian” ad photo shoot at