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Fifty-six-year-old Gildah was captured from her Asian homeland decades ago. As if being torn from her family and losing her freedom weren’t bad enough, Gildah now lives completely alone in a small pen in a Las Vegas casino, stripped of any friendship with her own kind and any real life. A female elephant’s most basic need is the companionship and comfort of other elephants. Edith was just 3-1/2 years old when she was torn away from her family at the Saint Louis Zoo. Over the next 37 years, she was shuffled around to five different facilities. No doubt each move has left her heartbroken, separating her from friends and possibly family members. Sad and depressed, Edith is losing her hair—and her mind—as she wastes away, abandoned in a filthy enclosure at a roadside zoo.

Both elephants and chimpanzees can live for decades, and they form long, lasting relationships with their friends and families. It’s hard to imagine a crueler fate than tearing an elephant or a chimpanzee away from their family and sentencing them to a life behind bars without their friends. No wonder Gildah and Edith are both so miserable.

PETA is trying to rescue both Gildah and Edith. Please help us help them.

Write to the president of the Mirage hotel where Gildah is being kept and ask him to send her to a sanctuary. Or take up the cause of Edith by writing to the Saint Louis Zoo and urging them to help send her to a sanctuary. Better yet, do both! Send copies of your letters to us by December 3, 2004, at Grrr!, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510, and you’ll be entered to win!

Bill McBeath, President,
MGM Mirage
3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Jeffrey Bonner, President,
Saint Louis Zoo
1 Government Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63110

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510; 757-622-PETA