Rebels With a Cause

bobbyTell us what you've done for animals. Write to Grrr!, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510.

Heroic Bobby Ruloff Jr., 17, risked his own life to rescue Hutch, a Labrador retriever who drifted too far out while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. Hutch would have surely drowned if Bobby hadn’t paddled his surfboard a half a mile out to bring the exhausted dog back to shore.

nathanSeventeen-year-old Nathan Runkle is a true friend to animals and a super PETA volunteer. He founded the group Mercy for Animals and travels all over the country to organize demonstrations. He even asked for an animal costume for Christmas for use in his protests!

shakiraThirteen-year-old Shakira Croce had a guest column on circus cruelties printed in The Gainesville Times. Shakira also organizes demonstrations and contacts legislators to ask them to support laws protecting animals.

Jacob Harris’ photography class project helped animals when he created a billboard that showed his belief that “Meat Is Murder,” complete with pictures of slaughtered cows and PETA’s logo.

brandonBecky and Brandon helped win the Burger King Campaign

victory!We did it! Thanks to caring activists like you, Burger King is now taking steps to improve the living conditions and slaughter of millions of animals.

Burger King has announced that it will now conduct unannounced inspections of its slaughterhouses, require that hens be given more cage space, stop purchasing hens from suppliers who starve them, stop buying cows who are unable to walk, discourage branding and ear-notching of cows, and more.becky

This welcome development is partly a result of the hard work of Becky Sue Madsen, a student at East Literature Magnet School, who distributed leaflets about Burger King’s cruel treatment of animals, 10-year-old Brandon Swihart, who participated in three Burger King demonstrations, and countless other young activists who gave Burger King a piece of their mind.


Just Picture It!

A big “Thanks!” to all of you who entered our art contest. We received so many fab entries that it wasn’t easy to pick just one pic to win the TV—but the grand prize goes to Rachel Crocker. Check out all the entries at

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