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'Help Save Baby Seals' Mission
'Help Save Baby Seals' Mission

Every year, a terrible thing happens to baby seals in Canada: They are clubbed and killed by "sealers."

In Canada, it is legal to slaughter seal pups (that's what baby seals are called) when they are about 12 days old. This means that the pups are so young that they still have not eaten solid food or learned to swim. These baby seals cannot protect themselves and have no way to escape. Last year, more than 205,000 seals were killed in this annual seal slaughter.

Club Soda Not SealsAt PETA Kids, we don't know how anyone could hurt a helpless baby seal. You can help these animals by printing out and coloring in our "Club Soda, Not Seals" picture and sending it to Canada's prime minister:

The Honourable Stephen Harper
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington St.
Ottawa K1A 0A2

You can also color some in and give them out to your friends and family! Make sure you mention that the seals are killed for their fur, so saving seals means never buying or wearing real fur.

Once you've completed the mission, go here to get your sticker reward. Thanks for helping seals!



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