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Help Homeless Animals Mission

Help Homeless Animals Mission

We’re smack-dab in the middle of summer … yippee! After the long, nasty winter most of us had, we’re thrilled with all the warm, lazy days (no school!), bike rides, veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs at backyard barbecues, and yummy summertime treats like Tofutti Cuties. But before we get carried away basking in the sun, we should stop and think about those less fortunate than us—and that includes homeless animals.

Animals in shelters don’t get a summer vacation like we do, so why not put some of your free time to good use and collect donations for the local animal shelter? It’s not hard or complicated, we promise. You just have to call your local shelter and find out what supplies it needs most for the animals, then have a drive to collect the supplies. Get permission from your local grocery store, library, YMCA, or youth rec center to set up a collection box to hold all the donations. (If you’re allowed to set up a table, you MUST get your parents’ permission, and you should definitely enlist the help of your siblings and friends—and maybe mom and dad—so that you’re not sitting there by yourself!) Decorate the box with the shelter’s name and pictures of cats and dogs, and be sure to make posters so that community members know what the collection box is for.

Another fun way to help animals in shelters is to have a rummage sale, lemonade stand, or even a bake sale, and donate the money to the shelter. Be sure to decorate the collection can and don’t forget the posters!

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to have a friend or parent get some pics of you collecting the goodies, then send a few of them, along with all the details (your name, age, e-mail address, phone number, and mailing address) to us, and several of you will get a special prize pack. You may even find yourself gracing the pages of PETA’s Grrr! magazine or!

Send your pics and all of the details to us at:

PETA Help Homeless Animals Mission
501 Front St.
Norfolk, VA 23510

Sorry, but we can’t return your photos. All photos become the property of PETA.

Happy summer vacation from!



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