Got Mommy Qs? Sign Up for a Vegan Mommy Mentor!

Are you a mom wondering if a vegan lifestyle is the best choice for your family? It is—and we can help you get your family excited about this thrilling change. Need help finding the best vegan multivitamin for kids? We’re here for you! How about explaining to your parents why they should stick to vegan chicken nuggets when the kids are visiting? Got it.

Being a mom—and fighting for the rights of all moms—is tough work. Not only are you handling the day-to-day with care and compassion, you’re also facing questions and ethical dilemmas all over the place. From answering questions from your child’s teacher about the snacks that they can have in the classroom and being asked to sign permission slips for trips to SeaWorld (yikes) to figuring out the best way to tell your kiddo that going to the zoo isn’t the innocent activity that it may seem, some days you could use a break.

Give yourself the gift of compassion by signing up to get a “mommy mentor.” Experienced vegan moms in our mentor network are standing by to help you through even the toughest situations with family, friends, teachers, and kids.

Check out PETA’s Vegan Mentor Program and check the “I want a mommy mentor” box to get paired up with a mentor who can help you every step of the way through parenting with compassion. ?

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