Proof That Zoos Are Miserable Places for Animals

Zoos often lock wild animals in tiny cages where they are cramped, lonely, and far from their natural homes.

Captive animals are denied everything that gives their lives meaning, like opportunities to run and fly freely, roam over long distances, climb, choose a mate, and be with others of their own kind. Some animals are even unloaded to roadside zoos and traveling circuses once zoos no longer want them. Can you imagine how awful it would be to be shuffled around from one lonely place to the next?

Here are four videos that show just how miserable zoos are for animals.

1. Gorilla Charges and Breaks Glass

Think about how awful it would be to be stared at all day long. Wouldn’t you snap?

2. Beluga Scares Children

Like zoos, aquariums and marine parks imprison animals and force them to live in tiny tanks and pools. Even though these kids are laughing, a beluga expert said that this behavior was a sign of aggression.

3. Zoochosis

“Zoochosis” is a sickness that develops when animals try to cope with captivity. Animals who have zoochosis may pace constantly, rock or sway, or even hurt themselves.


But there’s good news! You can help animals in captivity by refusing to visit zoos, marine parks, and aquariums and by telling your family and friends why they should stay away, too.