All About Animals Used for Clothing



If you’ve ever seen a rabbit hanging out in your yard, then you already know how stinkin’ cute these furry, fast, and fascinating animals are. Did you know they’re also very smart? Get this: When they’re being chased, they’ll run in zigzag formations to confuse their predators rather than trying to outrun them. Pretty clever, huh?

Rabbits also love their families, just as you love yours! Many rabbit communities live together in large underground homes called burrows.

White Baby Rabbit (Bunny) With Blue Eyes

A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing, so bunnies are constantly chewing in order to keep their teeth worn down. Rabbits are herbivores (plant-eaters), so during warmer months, they munch on weeds, grass, wildflowers, and vegetables. When it gets cold, they snack on twigs, buds, bark, and any green plants they can find.

Rabbit Eating in Front of Wall

But did you know that some bunnies are often used in cruel ways, like being killed for their soft fur, which is used in coats and gloves?

Angora rabbits are known for their long, silky hair. On fur farms, they usually live alone in small cages, and workers often pull the hair out of their sensitive skin every three months so it can be used to make sweaters, scarves, or other items. You wouldn’t like it if someone ripped your hair out, would you? Neither do these terrified bunnies!

White Rabbit on Grass© | maten

Help bunnies by asking your parents never to buy you or anyone else clothing, accessories, or any other products made from angora or any other animal fur.

Always remember: Fur only looks good on its original owner! Pledge to be fur-free!