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How Kind to Animals Is Your Morning Routine?

Do you take the time to check the labels on your personal-care products to make sure they say, “This product was not tested on animals”? Or do you and your grown-ups just toss products into your shopping cart without thinking twice? Whether you’re a die-hard label-checker or someone who’s never even thought about checking a label, we’ve got the quiz for you!

It’s hard to believe that some companies still test on animals. Animals don’t need to be burned or blinded for yet another shampoo, lotion, or toothpaste—I mean, c’mon! We want to help you figure out whether the products you use were tested on animals. There’s no better time than now to clean out your cabinets and shower and get rid of your outdated animal-tested stuff!

cruelty-free morning routine

Here’s how this quiz works:

  1. Print the quiz.
  2. Go through all the items on the list, giving yourself one point for each animal test–free product you own.
  3. Add up the points to find out your score.
  4. E-mail your score to [email protected] and receive PETA Kids stickers to give to family and friends (or to keep and stick on everything you own)!

When you’re done, print more copies of the quiz to share with your friends and family so they can find out whether the products they use were tested on animals.