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All About Animals Used for Food

Chickenspigsfishcows, and other animals who are raised for food value their lives just as much as you and I value ours. They are not nuggets, drumsticks, burgers, roasts, steaks, chops, bacon strips, sausage links, or hot dogs, and they definitely don’t have any spare ribs! If someone did the same things to dogs and cats that farmers and slaughterhouse workers do to these friendly animals, they could be prosecuted for cruelty to animals and put in jail.

Animals aren’t ours to eat, and they suffer terribly before they end up in neat, tidy packages at the grocery store, fast-food joints, or your fave restaurant.

Did You Know?

Most animals used for food live in crowded, filthy conditions and suffer through painful procedures like branding, dehorning, debeaking, and having their tails cut off and their teeth sawed off—all without painkillers.