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9 Best Vegan Mac ’n’ Cheese Products of All Time

Yep, vegan mac ’n’ cheese is a thing—a very delicious thing. It even comes in lots of shapes, sizes, and flavors. Luckily for us vegan cheese lovers, many brands make it and you can find it in stores all across the country.

Check out our list of the best store-bought vegan mac ’n’ cheese products, then ask your grown-ups to pick up a box (or a few!) the next time they go grocery shopping.

1. Follow Your Heart Super Mac

follow your heart vegan mac 'n' cheeseFollow Your Heart

Find this at Whole Foods Market, available in two varieties: Cheezy Carrot and Creamy Caulifredo. They’re made with real veggies!

2. Pastabilities Vegan Organic Under the Sea Mac ’n Cheese

Pastabilities Vegan Mac 'N' CheesePastabilities

This mac and cheese features fun sea creature–shaped noodles. Also check out Pastabilities’ Vegan Organic Mac ’n Cheese Pasta Ruffles and Vegan Organic Springtime Mac ’n Cheese with carrot- and flower-shaped pasta.

3. Daiya Cheddar Style Deluxe Mac & Cheeze

daiya vegan mac 'n' cheeseDaiya

You’ve probably already tried Daiya vegan cheese, but this brand’s mac is a whole different kind of yummy. Daiya makes other flavors, too: Meatless Bac’n & Cheddar Style, White Cheddar Style, Four Cheeze Style with Herbs Style, and Alfredo Style. And they’re all gluten-free!

4. Field Roast Mac ‘n Chao

Field Roast’s vegan Mac ‘n Chao comes in two flavors: creamy and chili. Look for it in the freezer aisle!

5. Modern Table Vegan Mac

modern table vegan mac 'n' cheeseModern Table

Modern Table’s vegan mac is dairy-free, gluten-free, and absolutely delicious. Try it in three flavors: Classic Cheddar Style, White Cheddar Style, and Southwest Style. (This brand also makes yummy pasta-and-sauce meals.)

6. Amy’s Rice Mac & Cheeze

amy's vegan mac 'n' cheeseAmy's

Yes, this is as good as it looks. Amy’s makes lots of other vegan foods, too.

7. Annie’s Organic Vegan Shells & Creamy Sauce

This mac and “cheese” combines a tasty vegan sauce made from pumpkin and sweet potato with organic pasta shells. A rice pasta version is available for our gluten-free friends.

8. Road’s End Cheddar Style Organic Shells & Chreese

These cheddar-style shells are a family favorite.

9. Annie’s Organic Cheddar Flavor Vegan Mac
annies microwave vegan mac 'n' cheese

Annie’s recently added this delicious vegan cheddar-flavor mac in a microwavable cup, making it even easier to enjoy.


By choosing one of these mouthwatering vegan mac ’n’ cheese products, you’ll be standing up to the cruel dairy industry. No animals should suffer for our food—especially when so many delicious vegan options are out there!

Try using these options instead of eggs in your favorite recipes: