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‘A Dog’s Life’ Comic Book

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5 Ways You Can Help

  • If you see a dog who doesn't have an adequate doghouse, whose chain is too short or tangled, whose food and water bowls are often empty, or who appears to be sick or too skinny, ask your parents to call animal control or a local humane society.

  • Ask for permission to take a "backyard dog" for walks and to offer him or her treats and toys as well as straw bedding in the wintertime—you might be the only bright spot in the dog's day! (Just make sure the dog is friendly before you get too close.)

  • If you know someone whose dog is chained outside 24/7, urge him or her to allow the dog to live indoors.

  • Keep your animal companions indoors with you and your family. Never pen them or chain them outside.

  • Always adopt dogs and other companion animals from shelters. Never buy them from a breeder or pet store.

Did You Know?

  • Dogs can't sweat and can only cool themselves off by panting. When it's hot, never leave your dog in a parked car, and be sure that your dog has lots of fresh water to drink and isn't out in the sun for too long. Not only can dogs get sunburned, they can also suffer from heatstroke.

  • A dog named Red at an animal shelter in Britain learned how to open his kennel at night and then went around letting his friends out of their cages. Video cameras showed that he always let out his best friend, Lucky, first. He and Lucky were found together as strays. Aww!

  • Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell—they have about 25 times more olfactory (smell) receptors than humans do. They can even smell a single drop of blood in five quarts of water!

  • A dog named Rico has learned more than 200 words and can remember the names of toys he hasn't seen in more than a month! Scientists say his learning ability is equal to that of a 3-year-old child.

  • Dogs study human faces to read our expressions, which help them communicate with us and understand what we want them to do.

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