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‘A Tiger’s Life’ Comic Book

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5 Ways You Can Help

  • Pledge never to go to a circus that uses tigers or other animals.

  • Color in the free "Wild Animals Belong in the Wild" coloring sheet.

  • If your school is planning a field trip to a circus that uses animals, tell your teacher that you would rather go somewhere that doesn't support cruelty (and ask your parents to do the same).

  • E-mail [email protected] to order a free circus coloring book and stickers.

  • If a circus that uses animals is coming to your town, speak up by attending a protest against it with a parent or guardian.

Did You Know?

  • Tigers are the largest wild cats in the world—they can weigh up to 800 pounds as adults.

  • A tiger's roar can be heard a mile away!

  • Tigers are semi-nocturnal, which means that they hunt, prowl, eat, and explore at night.

  • While most cats despise water, tigers love taking baths to help themselves stay cool.

  • Because of concerns about animal abuse and public safety, the use of animals in entertainment has been restricted or banned in cities across the U.S. and in countries worldwide.

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