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‘A Fish’s Life’ Comic Book

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5 Ways You Can Help

  • If someone invites you to go fishing, just say, “No, thanks,” and explain that fish feel pain and deserve the same respect and protection that we give cats and dogs. Go snorkeling, biking, hiking, or trash fishing instead. Trash fishing is when you fish for trash instead of fish. You can clean up the environment and save lives by fishing for trash.

  • Don’t eat fish, and ask others not to, either.

  • Create a “Fishing Hurts” display at your local library. Include pictures, facts, and information explaining why people shouldn’t fish.

  • Chalk a “Fish Are Friends, Not Food” message on the sidewalk for others to see.

Did You Know?

  • Fish talk to each other using squeaks and squeals. They even listen in on others to gather information!

  • Using their mouths like we use our hands, fish collect food, make nests for their babies, and gather rocks to build hiding places.

  • Some fish like to garden! These gardeners with gills allow tasty types of algae to grow while weeding out the types they don't like to eat.

  • Fish are smart, interesting animals who make friends with their "school-mates," enjoy spending time with their families, and don't want to be hurt any more than you do.

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