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No Animal Is Creepy!

This feature was adapted from a TeachKind lesson plan. TeachKind is a resource for educators! If your parents are teachers, have them check out

When we think of creepy Halloween characters, blood-sucking vampires, moaning mummies, or cackling witches might come to mind. Sadly, though, black cats, spiders, bats, rats, and other animals have also become scary symbols of the season. And that isn’t fair, because these peaceful animals just want to live and be happy—like you and me!

We should be excited to learn how we’re the same as other animals and how we’re different. Read more about these awesome animals!


Some spiders—like mama whip spiders—snuggle with their babies (aww!). Make sure you never kill spiders or any other tiny animals you see. Instead, tell a grown-up, then carefully catch them and set them free outside. ♥


Bats are “nocturnal,” which means they stay awake at night. They can’t see very well, so they use echolocation to help them get around. In echolocation, animals send out beeps and listen for the echoes that bounce back at them! ? Bats always try to stay away from humans. So if you find one who’s injured, tell a grown-up right away, and call an animal rescuer for help.


Rats are very clean animals. They can spend hours grooming, just like cats. If any rats try to live in your house, tell your family to use traps that won’t hurt them. Then, find a safe spot outside and set them free.


There are over 3,000 different kinds of snakes, so they come in all different sizes and colors. And some can live to be over 50 years old! If you know someone who wears clothes made out of snakeskins, tell them that snakes need their skin to survive—and to be proud in their own skin, not animals’.

Black Cats

Black cats are less likely to be adopted from shelters than other cats. ? We know it’s wrong to treat humans differently because of the way they look—and we should treat animals with the same respect. If your family is considering adopting a cat, remind them not to judge animals by the way they look! Black cats are just as sweet, smart, playful, and purrfect as other cats—the only difference is the color of the fur that they were born with.


Remember: Even though we might not be exactly the same as other animals, we’re the same in all the ways that matter. We all want to be happy, live with our friends and family, and be able to do all the things that are natural and important to us. ?