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4 Ways You Might Be Hurting Geese

Geese are super-cool animals. They love hanging out with their friends and family, just as we do.

In their natural habitat, they spend their time in pairs or groups. And they migrate hundreds of miles together every winter to get to warmer climates. How cool is that?!


But geese aren’t always treated with kindness and respect, as they (and all animals!) should be. In fact, some people really hurt them. Geese are often abused so that people can use them for items made from down—the soft feathers found on their tummies. Some people even rip their feathers out while they’re still alive.


But there’s good news! You can help save geese by not buying products made from down. Just tell your parents to be extra careful when buying these items, since geese often suffer for them.

1. Bedding

Blankets and comforters are supposed to keep you comfortable. But you can’t be comfy knowing that geese parts are in your blanket.

Stores like Target and JCPenney have some great bedding made from animal-free fabrics that you can feel good about snuggling up with.

2. Winter Coats


There’s nothing warm about wrapping yourself in a coat made from the feathers of a dead bird. Be sure to look at the tags on coats and jackets so you’re certain they’re down-free. Check out warm, cruelty-free materials like ThermoBall or PrimaLoft.

3. Pillows

Can you imagine stuffing a goose in a pillowcase and then resting your head on it? Of course, you would never do that, but using a pillow made from goose feathers is just as cruel.


Make sure that your pillows are made from cruelty-free materials like cotton.

4. Sleeping Bags


Camping and sleepovers are awesome, but not when someone else has to suffer for them. Be sure to take along sleeping bags made with animal-free materials like cotton, cotton flannel, polyester fleece, and synthetic shearling instead of ones made from goose down.