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Treat Your Furry BFF to a Spook-Free Halloween

Halloween is a super-fun holiday. Dressing up in crazy costumes, watching scary movies, going on spooky haunted-house tours, and eating tons of yummy vegan candy—this is the best time of year! But Halloween isn’t always as fun for our animal companions. In fact, it’s one of the most dangerous times of the year for them. Don’t worry, though—there are lots of ways that you can keep your furry BFF safe this holiday season!

Black Cats Need Extra Love and Attention Around Halloween

Many people are afraid of these cuties because of old myths that claim they’re bad luck. Sounds crazy, right? Because of these silly stories, black cats are the least likely to be adopted from shelters. Pretty sad, huh? In fact, black cats are just as sweet, smart, playful, and curious as other cats—the only difference is the color of fur that they were born with.

Black cats are also a target for Halloween pranksters. Some people hurt or steal them from their homes. Many animal shelters won’t even adopt out black cats during the entire month of October in order to keep them safe. All kitties should live indoors already, but it’s even more important to keep them (and especially black cats) inside around Halloween.

Keep Decorations Away From Curious Noses and Paws

Halloween decorations are great, but they can be very dangerous for animals. Lit jack-o’-lanterns and candles can easily tip over and start a fire or burn the nose or fur of a curious kitty or puppy. Animals can also get tangled up in ribbons, balloons, and streamers, which are not only super-uncomfortable for them but also unsafe. Tangled-up animals often panic and get themselves even more tied up, which can cause them to choke if the decorations are caught around their neck.

Those aren’t the only problems that can occur with Halloween decorations. The ink that’s used in brightly colored party favors, like paper pumpkins, is toxic to animals and can make them very sick. It’s fine to decorate, but remember always to keep animals safe by having your parents hang decorations up high and buy nontoxic party favors.

Candy Is for People, Not Puppies

Dog With Treat Halloween

You know how when you eat too much candy, you sometimes get a stomachache? That’s how cats, dogs, and other animals feel if they eat any candy! All candy (and the wrappers) can cause animals to become sick, and chocolate—which contains an ingredient that’s poisonous to dogs—can even kill them. Want to give your furry best friend a treat this Halloween? Stick to cat or dog treats instead.

Leave Animals Home to Snuggle While You Collect Candy

Walking door to door with your family and getting candy from neighbors is a blast, but trick-or-treating isn’t as much fun for animals like dogs and cats. Imagine not knowing what Halloween is and walking down the street to see a crowd of people running around in creepy costumes. It would probably be scary and stressful! Well, that’s how companion animals feel when they go trick-or-treating with their guardians. They’ll be much happier if you keep them safe at home in a room where they won’t get spooked when trick-or-treaters come to visit.

Remember That Animals Aren’t Dress-up Dolls

Girl With Dog Halloween

Dogs and cats don’t like dressing up for Halloween the way that kids do. Many animals get really stressed when they’re forced to wear costumes because they’re not used to wearing clothes like humans are. Elastic bands can cut off their circulation and cause them a lot of pain—ouch! Make sure that Halloween is fun for everyone by keeping costumes on kids instead of companion animals.

It’s up to YOU to make sure that your animal companion stays safe this Halloween. Don’t forget to remind your friends that black cats are cute, not scary, and explain to them why it’s important to keep animals away from the trick-or-treat scene and Halloween decorations.

If you think your animal companion has eaten candy or something else that could be poisonous to him or her, ask your parents to contact the Pet Poison Helpline right away: 1-800-213-6680.

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