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Cooper Barnes Wants You to Be a Hero to Animals!

Cooper Barnes is showing his mighty abilities and how we can all be heroes to animals in his new ad for PETA Kids. Cooper, best known for his role as Captain Man on the Nickelodeon TV show Danger Force, wants to show kind kids like you that it’s truly heroic to be kind to all animals—no matter their shape or size.

Cooper Barnes PETA Kids Ad "Be a Hero to Animals"

Cooper stopped eating meat when he was only 8 years old. He knows that if you care about someone—like animals—you shouldn’t eat them. “You’re not going to be a hero to anything that you eat,” Cooper says. The best way to stick up for animals is by leaving them off your plate.

But not eating animals isn’t the only way to be super for them. Cooper Barnes has lots of other great suggestions for kind kids: Rescue spiders from your home and gently place them outside, visit farmed-animal sanctuaries, never chase birds, and even create an animal rescue kit with your grown-up’s help to leave in the family car. This can be helpful in case you come across an injured animal who may need your help.


Recognizing that animals are living, feeling beings is so important. We should treat them just like we would want to be treated. By practicing kindness, we can show all animals the respect that they deserve. For more ways you can be a superhero for animals, check out our list: