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These Videos of Animals Having Fun Will Totally End Your Speciesism

Dogs laugh, mice are ticklish, and crocodiles blow bubbles—whether you have fur, feathers, or scales, everyone needs to have a little fun.

But humans steal animals’ joy every day. Whether it’s imprisoning them in cramped cages in laboratories or on fur farms, forcing them to perform tricks at the circus, keeping them in filthy sheds to await slaughter, or taking their babies away from them—stealing animals’ joy and their right to live their own lives is wrong.

Just look how excited this fox feels about playing with a newfound toy.

“I’m sure the dog won’t mind!”

Seriously, foxes really love toys.

“I get to keep this, right?”

So do raccoons.

Backyard trash panda gets the zoomies
byu/Chachichachichicken intrashpandas

It turns out, they also love swinging.


And judging by this video, bears really dig hammocks.

Don’t tell them how hammocks actually work—that would spoil the fun!

This feathered neighbor wants in on some tetherball.

Kookaburra playing totem tennis
byu/QuietCakeBionics inlikeus

This kookaburra is talented—just look at her technique!

Pigs are just like dogs in so many ways, including their love of toys …

… and just like a lot of our canine friends, many like to make a splash.

Even deer like to romp on the beach from time to time.

“Look at me! I’m Aquaman!”

Check out these frolicking elephants enjoying a day at the swimming hole.


Let Wildlife Do Their Thing

Everyone should remember never to interfere with wildlife unless they are clearly sick, hurt, orphaned, or in immediate danger. The wildlife you see in your backyard aren’t trespassing—it’s their home, too. ❤️

And remember: A difference in species can never justify forcing other animals to be used in the name of science, food, clothing, entertainment, or any other reason.