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Animals Used for Clothing

Animals Used for Clothing

When you look at a cow, do you see a pair of shoes, a coat, a soccer ball, or a belt? What about when you see a sheep? You don’t immediately think of a sweater or a pair of mittens, do you? When you spot a raccoon, does the image of a fur-trimmed jacket or a full-length coat pop into your head?

Of course not! Animals, like cows, sheep, and raccoons, are so cute that when you see them, you can’t help but smile from ear to ear … admit it. But when factory farmers, fur farmers and trappers, and some designers look at animals, all they see is future clothing, accessories, and dollar signs.

Each year, billions of animals—like cows, pigs, sheep, goats, alligators, snakes, raccoons, minks, foxes, chinchillas, rabbits, beavers, hamsters (yes, I said hamsters), and in some Asian countries, even dogs and cats—are killed for their skin or fur. Cramped CowsThose raised on factory farms and fur farms are forced to live in horrible, crowded, dirty conditions and suffer painful deaths just so that they can be made into leather, wool, or fur products. Crazy, I know—especially because there are so many alternatives to choose from. There’s no reason that anyone should still be wearing animals!

 Animals don’t want to be made into the latest fashion trend, and the good news is: They don’t have to be! There are lots of alternatives to leather, wool, fur, and all the other fabrics made from animals. There are even alternatives to leather sporting equipment!

Soccer GirlTarget, Wal-Mart, Alloy, Delia’s, Hot Topic, Kmart, Urban Outfitters, Payless Shoe Source, and tons of other stores near you are full of synthetic shoes, bags, belts, sweaters, coats … you name it, they’ve got it. Plus, synthetics are usually cheaper and last a lot longer than fabrics made from someone, and that will make Mom and Dad really happy!

 But don’t stop there! Never pass up a chance to educate your fam, friends, teachers, or anyone else about the cruelty involved in turning animals into clothing and accessories or to let ’em know how easy it is to find alternatives. Click here to check out the cool stickers and leaflets that you can use to help spread the message that animals are not fabric.


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