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Rabbits Used for Fur

Rabbits Used for Fur

If you’ve ever seen a rabbit in your yard, you already know how cute they are. But don’t underestimate them—they’re also very fast and smart. When they’re being chased—even while feeling panicked in an intense situation—they run in zigzags to confuse their predators instead of trying to outrun them. Pretty clever!

These Facts About Sensitive Rabbits Show Why They Deserve Respect

Rabbits love their families, just as you love yours. Many rabbit communities live together in large underground homes called “burrows” or “warrens.” If you’ve ever met a happy bunny, you may have seen them jump into the air and quickly flail in an adorably ungraceful way. This is called a binky, and rabbits binky when they’re overcome with happiness or excitement.

rabbits used for fur

Rabbits Are Vegan!

A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing, so they’re constantly chewing in order to keep their teeth from getting too long. Rabbits are herbivores (plant eaters), so during warmer months, they munch on weeds, grass, wildflowers, and vegetables. When it gets cold, they snack on twigs, buds, bark, and any green plants they can find.

The Shocking Ways Humans Hurt Rabbits to Make Clothes

Humans often treat rabbits cruelly and use them for things we don’t even need, like meat, animal experiments, and fur. The fur is stolen right off their bodies and turned into jackets, trim, and other items, when fake fur or other materials could be used instead.

Rabbits used for their fur are killed in painful ways, including by poisoning and electrocution. On fur farms, these naturally social and clean animals are often forced to live alone in small, dirty, wire-floored cages, where they don’t get exercise, veterinary care, adequate food or water, or any affection.

rabbits used for fur

Angora rabbits have long, soft, silky hair, which workers pull out of their sensitive skin by the fistful. The rabbits scream in pain, but their cries are ignored. Their hair is stolen in this way every three months and used to make sweaters or scarves. Eventually, they’re killed.

Rabbits used for fur

Do Your Part to Help Rabbits and Other Animals Used for Fur

Ask your parents never to buy clothes, accessories, or any other items made of fur, angora, or anything else that comes from animals.

Fur only looks good on its original owner.