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Make Your Own PETA Kids Gear!
Make Your Own PETA Kids Gear!

Want cool, cheap animal rights stuff that is completely one of a kind? You've come to the right place!

Get your craftiness on, and create unique animal rights gear that no one else in the world will have by using our free PETA Kids stencils. You can use them to make shirts, notebooks, decorations for your room, and so much more—and it's super-easy!

  1. Pick your stencil and print it out.
  2. Glue your stencil onto cardboard or cardstock, or ask your mom or dad to have it laminated so that it is stiff.
  3. Cut out the black areas with scissors or an X-Acto knife and the help of an adult.
  4. Tape it to what you want to decorate, and paint over the cutouts! Hug a Chick I Am Not a Nugget 100% Cruelty-Free Love Me, Don't Eat Me

Show us what you made!

Fill out the form below to submit a picture of your new animal rights gear. We love seeing all the awesome stuff that you make, and you could even be featured on our PETA Kids Facebook page!

All fields in bold are mandatory.

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