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Make an ‘It’ Jar!

You know what’s a bad habit that drives us at PETA Kids crazy? Calling animals “it.” A lamp is an “it,” and a soda is an “it.” But animals aren’t objects or “things”—they are living, breathing beings!

They are someone, not somethingCalling animals “him” or “her” and not “it” shows people that you care about animals and may even make others think about them differently, too!

This change may seem like a small thing—but how you say things really does make a difference. The way we talk about people and animals is important and shows how we feel and think about them. If you wouldn’t call your best friend or teacher “it,” you shouldn’t call an animal “it,” either!

That’s where—drumroll, please—the “It” Jar comes in!

For the next month, each time you or anyone in your family calls an animal “it,” throw a nickel into your “It” Jar! This will break your bad habit fast and even help you save some money (or raise money for your student group or your local animal shelter). It’s easy!


1. Decorate your own “It” Jar.

2. We’d love to see your “It” Jar! Send us a photo of it.

3. Get some PETA Kids stickers!

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