Halloween Coloring Sheets

Bats and owls are some of the most popular animals during Halloween, and they deserve it, because they’re AWESOME. Both fly and are nocturnal (which means that they’re awake at night). But did you know that some people don’t like them because they think they’re scary?


Follow the directions below to get coloring sheets that celebrate bats and owls and remind people that animals aren’t creepy—they all deserve our ♥ and respect. You can even earn some cool stickers!

1.   Print out these free Halloween coloring sheets. Then, grab your favorite colored pencils, crayons, or markers and get coloring.

Halloween Coloring sheets

2.   Hang them up on your fridge or in your locker or give them to friends or family members as Halloween cards!

3.   When you’ve finished coloring your free activity sheets, ask your parents to snap a picture of them. Then, ask them to send the picture, along with your mailing address, to [email protected] so that you can get free stickers!* (But remember: We can send stickers only to addresses in the U.S. and Canada.)

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