Say ‘No!’ to SeaWorld Today and Every Day!

It’s no secret that SeaWorld is a horrible place for the animals who are forced to spend their entire lives there. Today is the official #BoycottSeaWorldDay, and we want you to tell the park (and all your friends and family) why you say, “No!” to it—today and every day.

At SeaWorld, some animals are made to do confusing tricks, they sometimes get sunburns when kept in shallow tanks, and they’re crammed into small spaces that are very different from their real homes in the wild. The animals at the park don’t belong in concrete prisons—they belong in the ocean, free to do what is natural, fun, and important to them.

You can help animals at SeaWorld by filling in the blank spaces on the letter below to show everyone why you won’t visit the park. Follow these steps to complete the activity:

1. Print out this fill-in-the-blank letter:

2. Fill in the blanks

3. Ask your parents to post a picture of your letter (and you!) on their social media accounts to spread the word. Make sure that they tag @SeaWorld, too.


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