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Free ‘Not a Nugget’ Coloring Sheet!

Chickens are smart animals. They can recognize their friends and family members—in fact, they can remember more than 100 chickens’ faces. In addition to having good memories, they can see in full color and have dreams, just like you and I do. A chicken is a unique individual—not a nugget!

three chicks together on a pink, blue, and purple backgroud with text that reads: We are not nuggets!

Sadly, many chickens aren’t treated with the kindness and respect they deserve. They shouldn’t be used for food, but humans often eat them or their eggs, so they’re forced to live in harsh conditions. They suffer and feel a lot of pain. Chickens can live up to 11 years, but those used for meat are often killed when they’re only 45 days old! 😟

I am not a nugget coloring sheet

You can speak up for chickens and let others know that they’re living beings with feelings, not nuggets! Do this by printing out and coloring in our “Not a Nugget” coloring sheet. Hang your artwork somewhere for all to see—like on your fridge, in your locker, or on your binder—or snap a photo and ask your grown-ups to share it online. Send us a pic of your masterpiece or tag us online at @PETAKids! You could also give a copy of the coloring page to a friend. And don’t forget to say, “No, thank you,” when offered nuggets or other foods that come from animals. Choose a vegan option instead—like a vegan chicken sandwich or vegan nuggets.


Chickens aren’t the only animals who are used for food—cows are, too. ☹️