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Help These Elephants Find Their Way Home

If you love elephants (and who doesn’t?!), then you know that you should NEVER visit a circus that uses animals! Elephants in the circus are hit with bullhooks (heavy batons with a sharp metal hook on the end), chained up, taken away from their families, and dragged around the country in stuffy boxcars.

Elephants want to hang out with their family and friends in the sunshine—not forced to perform silly tricks! Help the eles below find their way to the sanctuary, where they can be happy and free!

Elephant Maze


  1. Print out the elephant maze activity sheet.
  2. Draw a line through the maze and guide the elephant in the top corner to the sanctuary in the bottom corner. Be careful—there are mean circus trainers hiding in the maze!
  3. When you’re done, print some extra copies for your friends and tell them why circuses are no good for animals.