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Spring Is in the Air—Treat Animals With Care!

No matter what you and your family do in the springtime, there are so many ways you can be kind to animals. Keep reading to learn how, and print out this free coloring sheet!

Animals are forever.

Animals aren’t gifts or toys to be played with and then forgotten or thrown away! They’re individuals who need and deserve a safe, loving home and lots of care. Make sure you never ask for a bunny, chick, or duck for Easter or any other holiday—and only adopt if you and your family are ready to give an animal a home for life.

Animals don’t belong in photo shoots.

Animals like rabbits and chicks can be hurt when they’re handled by young children or anyone else who doesn’t know how to take care of them. They are very delicate and don’t like to be around a lot of people—they get scared! And they definitely don’t want to be in Easter photos, so tell your parents that you don’t want them in your pictures if you take any.

Animals don’t belong in classrooms.

Teachers often like to have small animals, like bunnies or hamsters, in the classroom—but they don’t realize that it’s not a good home for an animal. Animals don’t want to be trapped in a small cage in a room with bright lights. And when you and your classmates all go home for the night or the weekend, the animals are usually left in the classroom, lonely and forgotten. ?Ask your parents to talk to your teacher about not keeping animals in a cage at school and choosing a more compassionate activity instead—like checking out local animals in their natural environment or watching a cool nature documentary.

Animals do belong in their natural habitat.

Never take animals—like frogs, butterflies, dragonflies, or crickets—out of their natural habitat! Looking at animals is cool, and we can learn so much from them, but taking them away from their home so we can stare at them in a cage or tank isn’t very nice. So be a kind kid and don’t bother wild animals.

Animals belong in their natural habitat with their friends and family. Print out and decorate this free coloring sheet and hang it up to remind everyone who sees it that they can be kind to animals.