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Ruby Roth’s Delish Pipsqueak Tea Sandwiches

Do you love delicious food and saving animals? If so, you’re in luck, because author Ruby Roth just came out with a brand-new vegan cookbook for kind kiddos like you!

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The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids is chock-full of animal-free recipes for snacks and meals that your whole fam can enjoy. And that’s not all: Ruby has partnered with PETA Kids to share one of her fave recipes! Ask your parents to help you pick up these simple ingredients from your local grocery store and get cookin’. ?

Pipsqueak Tea Sandwiches

Ruby Roth Cucumber Sandwiches

Adapted from The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids

2 Tbsp. vegan cream cheese (store-bought or see recipe in The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids)
2 slices whole-grain bread (try sprouted)
4 or more cucumber slices
Sea salt
Black pepper

  • Spread the vegan cream cheese on both slices of bread.
  • Lay the cucumbers on one piece of bread and sprinkle with the salt and pepper, then stack the second piece of bread on top.
  • Ask your parents to cut the sandwich in half and then in half again to make four tiny sandwiches (you can tell them that a large straight-edge knife works best, so they can press straight down instead of sawing back and forth). Enjoy!

Makes 1 serving

The best part about these tasty sammies? They’re totally free of any ingredients that come from animals, so no one had to suffer for your snack.

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