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27 Cutest Dog Breeds in the World

Which breed is right for you?

1. Curious Cookiesandcreamador


This extremely intelligent dog will pick up on every word you say. You’ll need to find new words for “walk,” “treat,” and “ball”!

2. Bat-Earred Doxieman


If you take this pup out in public, high-pitched squeals will occur at a rate of 64.8 per hour.

3. Sunkissed Floppy-Doo Terrier


Adopt this perpetually cheerful breed of pooch only if you can tolerate happiness in its purest form.

4. Black Lickador


Members of this breed will not stop until they have adequately licked everyone in their new family.

5. The Bald Bassenauhua


This dog has internal radar for cold laps. Trust us—it’s science.

6. Nimbus McFluffer


Adopt this special mutt breed only if you’d like to cuddle with a warm fluffy cloud of affection.

7. Bearded Beauty


This medium-sized dog is known for striking catwalk-worthy poses at all times. Warning: You may become intoxicated by this breed’s beauty.

8. Bear-Faced Bigalee-Boo


This breed has so many adorable traits that not everyone will be able to handle the super-sized charm.

9. Munchador Terrier


Adopt this breed only if your living situation allows for the inevitable high-pitched squeals of delight that will occur each time a visitor sees that impossibly cute underbite.

10. Earnest-Ear Wonderdog


Once this sweet mutt enters his or her forever home, all family members will become expert cuddlers within 48 hours.

11. Australian White-Bellied Furjoy


Adopt this adorably wide-eyed mutt only if you can handle a lifetime of pint-sized kisses.

12. Wild-Eyed Speckled Treat Cruncher


Give treats to this breed only if you’re prepared for the endless affection that will result.

13. Silver-Snouted Fluffagus Retriever


If you seek the most loyal lifetime buddy who ever existed, adopt this darling.

14. Boston Chihuahua


It is said that this kind of dog can magically call forth an endless number of treats with just his or her eyes.

15. Shy Sweetish Shepherd


This breed is extremely sensitive and the perfect addition to a family with elders and children.

16. Solarmane Simbahuahua


Are you prepared for the softest little ray of sunshine that ever existed? Then yes—this is the one for you.

17. Golden Side-Eyed Shepherd


If you’re ready to respond to the hopeful glances of this breed urging you to put on your walking shoes, then this companion may be in your future.

18. White-Bellied Black Pantador


If you make this breed a member of your family, “keep calm and carry on” will become your new mantra.

19. Golden Beach-a-Boo


If long walks on the beach at sunset are your thing, this dog will be the perfect boo for you.

20. BFFL Brudder Breed


Who could reject the combined love of two bestie companions? This is a twofer breed, for sure!

21. Fun-loving Puppador Pack


Puppador pack mutts may become extremely attached to each other. A pack leader will emerge and attempt to elicit treats for the group.

22. Raggedy-Eared Pom-Pom


This itty-bitty pooch is big on hair—and love.

23. Lively Funweiler


If happy, energetic, and playful don’t describe your personality, this breed isn’t for you.

24. Bed-Headed Brindahuahua


This little guy has proved to be the cutest sleeper ever. Your cuddle skills will greatly improve upon adoption.

25. Smiley Schnauzahuahua


This is by far one of the happiest breeds of all time. Adopt only if you’re prepared to be in a perpetually good mood.

26. Silver-Streaked Corgidor Retriever


This breed may grow old but never too old to learn a few more tricks that begin with pleading eyes and end with a tummy full of treats.

27. Wild-Toothed Chowhuahua


This sweet breed travels at only one speed: a gallop—right into your arms!

If you haven’t guessed yet, this post is all about mutts! No two are exactly alike, and each is a quirky, lovable mix. All these adorable dogs already live with human companions, but there are still billions more looking for forever homes. Please visit your local animal shelter to find your own perfect mutt! For more reasons to adopt, click here!