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Cruelty-Free Sunscreens to Help You Beat the Heat

If you’ve been sunburned before, you know that it’s not an ouch you want to feel again! Thankfully, wearing sunscreen protects you from that pain, and buying cruelty-free sunscreen also protects animals by not supporting their suffering in laboratories.

Companies that test on animals perform horrible experiments on them—including dripping chemicals into rabbits’ sensitive eyes and rubbing substances onto their tender skin—all while they’re kept inside tiny, cramped cages. Animals should never have to suffer like that, and you and your family should never buy products from companies that perform such awful tests.

This summer, save your skin AND animals with some of our favorite cruelty-free sunscreens for kids. Check them out!

Alba Botanica

Alba products always smell SO good, and this tropical fruit sunscreen spray is no exception! But there are also fragrance-free options.

Australian Gold

Not only does Australian Gold have its own amazing sunscreens for kids, it also has a Hello Kitty line. Check out those scents. Kiwi? Pineapple? We’re in love.

The Honest Company

We love this sunscreen because the added shea butter keeps your skin super-soft as well as protected.

Kiss My Face

There’s a huge variety of application types and SPF levels for Kiss My Face’s kids’ sunscreen. There are even some especially for babies.


This sunscreen is water-resistant, making it perfect for a beach or pool day.

Nature’s Gate

We love this brand’s fun, kid-friendly packaging and the “vegan” label right on the front.


This is a brand that you can find just about everywhere. Its high quality and low prices have made this sun-care line a family favorite since 1962.

Ocean Potion

SPF 50 or 70? It’s your choice with these awesome Ocean Potion sunscreens.


Pacifica’s sunscreen line debuted exclusively at Target, which means that you can find it almost anywhere in the country. We love that there’s a stick application option that makes it really easy to put on.


All this brand’s sunscreen was created with kids in mind. Most companies just stick to a lotion or a spray, but Supergoop! makes a sunscreen mousse—how fun.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is your one stop spot for the beach. You can grab all your favorite vegan snacks and their new cruelty-free sunscreens!

Yes to

This Yes to Cucumbers sunscreen is perfect for sensitive skin, and the soothing formula will have you feeling, well … cool as a cucumber. 🙂